THE DIE IS CAST, THE CAST MUST DIE: A Mystery of Operatic Proportions

It's April 1837, and Darnell's United Theatre Company is making the east coast circuit. Things are looking bad (just last week they were forced to eat their featured performer, "The Learned Pig"), but the Manager has decided what will perk up the audiences: opera music! So he's "borrowed" several songs from a brand new opera by VIncenzo Bellini to add to the company's version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Things start to look up, but now the leading men are dying in freak accidents.

The company's young costumer, Phoebe Whitestone, soon discovers the truth behind the deaths. Worse yet? Phoebe's love, set carpenter Walter Pike, just got the lead...

This comic murder mystery tells the tumultuous tale of America's early theatre and is woven throughout with selections from Vincenzo Bellini's magnificent opera, I Capuleti e i Montecchi.

Cast: 15
Length: 1.5 hours
Performance Rights: Meredith Bean McMath



In this unique presentation, favorite Shakespearean sonnets flow between period Shakespearean song, bringing new life and urgency to both. 

Sonnets and songs are presented in modern context to heighten audience understanding and appreciation: the mother giving her daughter advice, the Valedictorian speaker, the business woman who pauses to remember a lost love, the couple saying their wedding vows, the minister wondering if God has forsaken him.  You will never hear a sonnet the same way again.

Premiered: 2009, Round Hill Arts Center, Round Hill, VA in conjunction with the Loudoun Lyric Opera Company.
Cast: 8
Length: 1 hour
Performance Rights: Meredith Bean McMath